Enterprise Blockchain Solution

From Avem it is our priority to generate bonds of trust with all our stakeholders and for this we have an expert consulting team that provides solutions to the consumer through enterprise blockchains, defined as distributed databases that record transactions.

Each block is encrypted, as well as, distributed and replicated across multiple nodes. This means that the data is immutable and cryptographically protected.

In addition, companies can automate certain processes using this technology. Through tools such as:

At Avem you will find a dedicated blockchain business platform that will transform global business operations. It can be used to bridge different organizations. Its architecture does not give the opportunity to manipulate transactions. Enterprise blockchains are secure, transparent and virtually impossible to hack.

Products & Services


We are the system for real world assets (off chain assets) to become a digital representation in the Blockchain (on chain assets), so they can be more easily bought and sold, like real estate…


Asset tokenization enables the purchase, sale and exchange of digital assets, potentially representative of any asset, traditional or otherwise…


Smart contract development services consist of consulting, development, testing and blockchain deployment of smart contract logic…